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@author Sanjay Madhavan

This project site was originally started to host the Mp3ImageTagExtractor. It has now been expanded to include the ShoutcastPlsDownloader and potentially other small open source projects that I am working on.

Currently the projects are all developed in Java and have a common theme that they were developed to enhance the media center capabilities of the XBOX Media Player (XBMP) and XBOX Media Center (XBMC) .

  • Mp3ImageTagExtractor

    Utility to extract Album art from MP3 files into thumbnail files or folder.jpg files. Handles single files as well as complete directories of files organized as Artist/Album. Can resize the target image file to any size. Ideal for XBOX Media Player/Center Thumbnail generation.

  • SHOUTcastPlsDownloader

    Utility to navigate the excellent SHOUTcast.com website and download station lists of a specific genre or all listed genres. Can also limit the number of stations downloaded per genre and select stations based on a specified maximum or minimum bitrate. Ideal for building a local list of stations for the XBOX Media Player or XBOX Media Center.

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