@author Sanjay Madhavan

I couldnt find a simple utility that would extract Album art from my MP3 files and create Thumbnails so I wrote one using the open source Java Music Tag library. The latest documentation and code will always be available at

This utility is ideal for building thumbnails of album art suitable for use with the XBOX Media player or XBOX Media Center..





  • The program will generate a single Thumbnail in the parent directory of the current Album or Artist.
  • The thumbnail generated for the Album will be taken from the first track in the Album directory and the thumbnail taken for the Artist will be the thumbnail for the first Album in the Artist directory.
  • By default existing thumbnails are NOT overwritten though adding the -overwriteExisting parameter changes this default.
  • By default the extension of the thumbnail is taken from the embedded image format (.jpg, .gif etc).
    This can be overridden by using the -targetFileExtension parameter to specify the file extension of your choice, for example .tbn


    This code is released under the GPL License
    @author Sanjay Madhavan

    Version History:

    V1.030.07.2003SanjayFirst release
    V1.1a03.12.2003SanjayAdded Linux shell script
    V1.203.02.2004SanjayAdded XBMC targetFile folder.jpg and targetDir #current, #parent support


    This code is hosted on and can be downloaded including the source from there. Logo